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  • Vivian Loh

'Early Morning Brume' - Vivian's first Solo Exhibition in collaboration with Krafers' Paradise

'Early Morning Brume' is Vivian's first solo artist residency exhibition in collaboration with Krafers' Paradise which runs from 2nd to 31st August 2019 in City Square Mall. The show draws its inspiration from naturally occurring optical phenomenon such as mirages where light rays bend to produce displaced images of objects.

The body of work features a series of over thirty landscape paintings fabricated from memory, found images or by chance in efforts to explore the body's sensorial experience through the transformative value of image making.

Through the removal of paint pigments to reveal the layers underneath, Vivian aims to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality through layering her own visual perceptions to form a new visual language as a way to reduce the familiarity of everyday instances while bringing out the sensation of the image rather than the image itself.

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