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Vivian Loh, is a multidisciplinary artist who a Fine Arts Degree graduate from Lasalle College of the Arts with First Class Honors. She specializes in oil painting, murals, assemblages, digital illustration and drawing in her artistic practice.


Loh is inspired by the sensation of form within everyday occurrences and seeks to explore the body’s sensorial experience through the transformative value of image-making in her works. The reality that our mind knows to be true is formed by experiences that are guided by our perception and memory or altered through time and imagination. When these layers of events overlap, they form our internal world. When these layers are broken down, they reveal to us the unconscious and conscious reality of ourselves.


Loh studied Fashion Design in 2013 and shifted to major in painting in 2014. During her study in Lasalle, Loh has received the 30 Art Friends II Scholarship in 2015 and the Lasalle scholarship in 2018. Loh does mural projects for schools and private clients in Malaysia and Singapore. has taught in Henry Park Primary School as an Art instructor. She conducted art workshops in Cambodia and participated in a Charity Auction hosted by Olive Pte Ltd in Singapore to help fund school children in Surabaya, Jarkata. 


Her work is being collected in Singapore and has been exhibited in Marina Bay Sands, Gajah Gallery, BANKSY Art Gallery, MOX, City Square Mall, Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, ICA Gallery, City Square Mall, Bloomberg Singapore, and the Singapore City Gallery. 

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