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  • Vivian Loh

Degree in FineArts with First Class Honours

On 30st August, Vivian Loh finished her studies in Lasalle College of the Arts and graduated with a Degree in FineArts with First Class Honours. After 5 years at Lasalle, Vivian has opened up herself to printmaking, sculpture and kinetic installation besides her main major in oil painting. Her dream since she was 8 was always to be an artist, and that dream has never wavered. As the only child, most of her time is spent drawing or painting in her room which she converted into a makeshift studio. During her study at Lasalle, she has worked as a digital illustrator for the an app company 'Pixaroll', a freelance mural painter, logo designer and commission artist selling oil paintings and hyper-realistic graphite drawings as well as teaching at a few workshops around Singapore. Just a month after her graduation, Vivian had her solo show at City Square Mall in Krafers' Paradise.

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