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BloomBerg, Deepavali 2022

This project feature's Bloomberg's collaboration with Vivian for its company's Deepavali decor in 2022. 

The digital illustration aims to encapsulate the vibrancy and significance of Deepavali, also known as Diwali, through the use of art projection. The artwork adorns two staircases, forming a dynamic canvas that greets visitors with a cascade of colors, patterns, and symbolism. It marries the traditional elements of the peacock, lamps, and mandalas to create an immersive experience that celebrates the spirit of Deepavali.

At the heart of this projection lies the majestic peacock. Revered in Indian culture as a symbol of grace, beauty, and pride, the peacock's vibrant plumage serves as a metaphor for the brilliance of the human spirit. Its radiant hues are echoed throughout the projection, representing the joy and hope that Deepavali brings into our lives.

The illustration is designed to unfold in several phases, each capturing a distinct aspect of Deepavali's significance. It commences with a burst of radiant lights, akin to the lighting of lamps to dispel darkness. The peacock then takes center stage, its feathers unfurling and shimmering with vivid colors, symbolizing the awakening of beauty and wisdom.

The color palette is a symphony of vivid and warm hues - saffron, deep blues, greens, and passionate reds. These colors not only evoke a sense of festivity but also echo the traditional attire worn during the festival, creating a harmonious fusion of visual aesthetics.

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