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  • Vivian Loh

Commission Installation for Steelcase's 'In The Creative Chair' event.

On 3rd July 2019, Vivian was commissioned by Steelcase, a leading manufacturer of furniture for offices, hospitals, and classrooms to create two suspended origami installations for Steelcase's 'In the Creative Chair' event. In The creative Chair is a new talk series that aims to inspire the design community and recharge their creativity. Each talk brings an outstanding design practitioner to share their work and ideas, in an energetic, fun atmosphere, to spark new conversations and provoke fresh thinking.

In the installation, Vivian made over 160 pieces of origami sakura flowers and suspended them in a tear drop shape. In the second installation, 100 paper crabs were made and hung to create a wave like appearance when viewed from the bottom. The Sakura flowers stood as a symbolic representation for Japan to welcome visitors from Japan during the event while the paper crabs were a representation of Singapore's famous chilli crab.

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